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AIRSTOP 1500 Vapour Barrier

AIRSTOP 1500 Vapour Barrier
Extremely robust, tear-resistant vapour barrier. Total vapour block/vapour-tight, even under extreme moisture loads such as commercial kitchens. The integrated fleece backing reduces potential surface condensation that can occur under extreme conditions.

Available dimensions

Article number Roll width Roll length Rolls / Pallet Total area Inquiry List
2AP1500 1.5 m 50 m 30 rolls 2250 m²

Product data


  • vapour-tight
  • simple installation
  • high tear-resistance
  • resistant
An extremely tear-resistant vapour barrier for use in the air-tight and vapour-tight layer in roof and wall constructions. When profesionally installed it can prevent the ingress of vapour into the construction even where there is very high moisture load.
Material composition
LDPE multi-layer film with fleece coating
1500 m
Temperature resistance
-40–80 °C
270 g/m²
Metallic green with imprint
Weight per unit area
EN 1849-2

Processing guideline