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AIRSTOP DIVA+ Vapour Retarder fabric-reinforced

AIRSTOP DIVA+ Vapour Retarder fabric-reinforced
Moisture-variable, fabric-reinforced vapour retarder for use in the air-tight layer. High back-drying potential with adequate sun exposure. See our product data sheet!

Available dimensions

Article number Roll width Roll length Rolls / Pallet Total area Inquiry List
2DIVAGV 1.5 m 50 m 24 rolls 1800 m²
2DIVAGV3 3 m 50 m 30 rolls 4500 m²

Product data

Field of application

  • flat roofs
  • construction components with permeable and impermeable outer shell in new constructions and refurbishment
  • for wall, ceiling and roof


  • transparent
  • moisture-variable with a very high sd-value range
  • printed cutting line
  • tear resistant
Is a moisture-variable vapour retarder for use in the air-tight layer. The functional membrane changes its diffusion resistance depending on the current humidity. During the winter months room atmosphere is generally dryer. The sd-value of the vapour retarder increases. This process results in the penetration of only a little water vapour into the construction and/or into the insulation. In summer, when there is sufficient solar insolation, the relative humidity behind the membrane is higher as a result of reverse diffusion. The water molecules are stored in the membrane. The sd-value sinks, causing more water vapour to escape from the construction and into the rooms and the building element becomes dryer.
Material composition
Non-woven composite made from polymers with filament reinforcement
0.5–30 m
Temperature resistance
-40–80 °C
110 (± 5 %) g/m²
Transparent white with blue print
Weight per unit area
EN 1849-2

Processing guideline