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OMEGA LIGHT Roof Underlay

OMEGA LIGHT Roof Underlay
Vapour permeable roof underlay for installation directly onto the face of the thermal insulation or wood sheathing. 3-layer fleece combination.

Available dimensions

Article number Type Roll width Roll length Rolls / Pallet Total area Inquiry List
2OMELI Standard 1.5 m 50 m 30 rolls 2250 m²
2FHDS3 Standard 3 m 50 m 30 rolls 4500 m²
2OMELIPLWS SK DUO 1.5 m 50 m 30 rolls 2250 m²

Product data

Field of application

  • for vented pitched roofs
  • for ventilated closed facades


  • rain-tight, wind-tight
  • uv-stabilized
  • 100% recyclable
  • easy to cut
  • anti-glare
  • anti-slip
is an extremely diffusive underlay with two two-way acrylate adhesive strips for installation directly on the thermal insulation or the wood sheathing, on a pitched roof as roofing underlay or as wind-proofing for the wall. Raintightness prooved by Holzforschung Austria. (Report no. : 301/2003/1-T/HH)
Material composition
3-layer PP fleece with two two-way acrylate adhesive strips
0.025 (+ 0,035 / - 0,01) m
0.6 mm
Temperature resistance
-40–80 (short-term 100 °C) °C
145 (±5) g/m²

Processing guideline