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OMEGA G20 Facade Lining

OMEGA G20 Facade Lining
UV-resistant facade lining for air gap/cavity ventilated facades with shadow gaps of up to 20mm.
  • FIRE CLASS EN 13501-1: B-s1,d0

Available dimensions

Article number Type Roll width Roll length Rolls / Pallet Total area Inquiry List
2OMFA1 Standard 1.5 m 50 m 30 rolls 2250 m²
2OMFA2 Standard 3 m 50 m 20 rolls 3000 m²
2OMFASK SK DUO 1.5 m 50 m 30 rolls 2250 m²

Field of application

  • For wood facades with up to 20 mm wide joints


  • Rain-tight
  • Wind-tight
  • UV-stabilized
  • Extremely diffusive
  • Easy to cut
  • Anti-glare

Product data

Highly vapour-permeable, UV-stabilized facade lining with two integrated acrylate glue strips for wood facades with back ventilation. The special coating permits use on facade constructions with shadow gaps of up to 20 mm.
Material composition
PES fleece with TPU coating on one side, two acrylic adhesive strips on both front and back edge
0.25 mm
185 g/m²
0.18 m
± 0,03 m
Temperature resistance
-30 °C
Temperature resistance
80 °C
Resistance to water flow
Resistance to water flow
EN 1928
Elongation - lengthwise
20 % (±5)
Elongation - crosswise
25 % (±5)
EN 12311-1
Tensile strength - lengthwise
350 N/50 mm
Tensile strength - crosswise
300 N/50 mm
Tensile strength
EN 12311-1
Tear propagation resistance - lengthwise
100 N
Tear propagation resistance - crosswise
120 N
Tear propagation resistance
EN 12310-1
Long-term behaviour
Permanent long-life under facades with up to 20 mm wide joints
UV-resistance uncovered
12 months
Fire performance
B-s1, d0
Fire performance
EN 13501_1 / EN 11925_2

Processing guideline


The surface must be dry and clean, and there should be no sharp corners. The size of the wooden or metal substructure should be adjusted to match the width of OMEGA Facade Lining. Calculations should take into consideration overlaps of a minimum of 10cm.
For mounting of OMEGA Facade Lining (mechanically or by adhesion) the bearing surface for attachment of the lining must be a minimum of 5cm. The adhesive functions as a seal and does not take the place of a strong bond. OMEGA Facade lining must subsequently be fixed mechanically. Battens / back ventilation must be provided between the lining and the visible wooden cladding!


Standard rolls can be cut to length using a circular saw / band saw. The cut edges must always overlap.


OMEGA Facade Lining should be stored in a horizontal position and handled with clean hands and tools. Pay attention that OMEGA Façade Lining is not folded or bent.

(3) & (4) LAYING

Unroll OMEGA Facade Lining vertically from top to bottom (or horizontally from left to right). First position straight on one side and fix temporarily, then pull to the other three sides and guarantee that the OMEGA Facade Lining is tightly laid. Attach OMEGA Facade Lining to the supporting construction mechanically using tacker clips or similar. Secure all loose overlaps, corners and edges.
(3) & (4) LAYING


Wind-tight adhesion at connections and overlaps of lengths of OMEGA Facade Lining are achieved using AIRSTOP FROZEN, OMEGA N55 Adhesive or OMEGA UVKB Facade Tape (Vertical joint bonding). When using SK DUO, adhesion at overlaps is made using the acrylate adhesive strips attached. Shake the adhesive well in the container and pour into the plastic bottle provided. Apply the adhesive in the area of the facade lining overlap, spread with a paintbrush and finally press on using a dispenser or clean cloth. Caution: do not let the adhesive flash off (so-called wet-in-wet adhesion).


Use AIRSTOP FROZEN for connection to masonry or metal. Materials used must be free from dust and grease and the substructure must be dry and supporting. Always pre-treat connections on very absorbent substrates with Primer. Press OMEGA Facade Lining well into the applied sealant. Connection with metal, concrete, plastic and wood can also be carried out using OMEGA N55 Adhesive. Spread the OMEGA N55 on the substrate using a paintbrush, allow to flash-off and then bond wet-in-wet with an additional layer of OMEGA N55 and press the OMEGA Façade Lining on well. (Depending on the substrate adhesion of connections with OMEGA N55 can also be carried out in one process with wet-in-wet adhesion. As a rule we recommend an adhesion test.


OMEGA Facade Lining can be fixed to a wooden, PVC or metal window frame using AIRSTOP FROZEN, OMEGA N55 or OMEGA OMEGA UVKB facade tape. Application as above, see ‘CONNECTIONS’.


Damaged spots can be glued wet-in-wet with a segment of Facade Lining and using OMEGA N55 Adhesive.